NordFX offers a $100000 Mega Super Lottery for all
Promotion Details

NordFX offers a $100000 Mega Super Lottery for all

Are you considering a Forex Mega Contest? If so, it is available to you right now.

The NordFX agent is presenting a fresh forex raffle known as Mega Super Raffle, where traders can earn a bonus of up to $100,000 USD. Furthermore, you have the possibility of 202+3 chances to win in 2023. There will be a total of three announced drawings, each with three prizes and three grand prizes of $5,000 each. Therefore, take advantage of this bonus by clicking on the link below.

Direct Promotion Link: Win Mega Lottery up to $100000

What makes the mega raffle promotion a preferable choice?

Upon completing my investigation, I discovered that this bonus is a fantastic chance to earn prizes of up to $100,000, with the initial winner in the first drawing receiving 40 rewards of $250, 20 rewards of $500, and 5 rewards of $1,000. The same approach will be used for two additional draws, with three grand prizes of $5,000 being awarded to the top three winners. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity by depositing the necessary amount.

Advantages of the bonus:

  • 40+40+60 prizes of 250 USD
  • 20+20 prizes of 500 USD
  • 2+5++5 Prizes of 1000 USD
  • 10 prizes of 1800 USD
  • 3 Super Prizes of 5000 USD
  • Available for all traders
  • Visible for unlimited time

Steps to Participate in the Lottery:

  1. Register an account on the brokerage platform
  2. Complete the verification procedure
  3. Access the promotion section and deposit the necessary amount
  4. Commence trading and await the announcement of the draw
  5. Receive rewards and either withdraw them or employ them to trade


It is obligatory to peruse and comprehend the included terms and conditions, which are critical for contestants to be aware of the protocol. Therefore, read them thoroughly before entering the mega lottery.

In my point of view:

From my point of view, I can state that the promotion presents an excellent chance to achieve the highest level of trading and succeed. The broker offers lavish prizes, while also providing the most valuable and advanced trading tools. Therefore, seize the opportunity and become adaptable in the trading sector.

The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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