Account Opening Bonus Reward GeTrade
Promotion Details

Experience the trading of GeTrade Account Opening Bonus with 8 USD in four steps. At the same time, you can trade and withdraw the profits and the bonus.

Direct Connecting Link 8 USD Forex Trading Account Opening Bonus

What is the overview of the Forex Account Opening 8 USD Bonus

Getrade broker offers a Account Opening Trading Reward for new clients with an 8 USD bonus, 100% withdrawable in four steps. This bonus requires a specific deposit amount for trading and profit generation, allowing clients to explore trading markets and enhance their Forex knowledge. The campaign permits combination with other promotions and entails completing tasks to automatically receive bonuses usable for trading. Applicable only to GOLDpro&SILVERpro Pro (min 0.01 lot), the withdrawal is subject to the actual balance if the account drops below $8 after trading 1 lot. Only closed positions during the campaign period are considered valid, with early withdrawal leading to bonus deduction and campaign termination. Failure to meet volume requirements by the campaign’s end results in bonus deduction, and clients must ensure sufficient margin despite the trading risk.

How to participate on the Promotion of GeTrade

  • Register an account for free
  • Receive the 1 USD
  • Verify your account and get another 1 USD
  • Make a deposit and receive 3 USD
  • Trade 1 lots and receive another 3 USD

GeTrade Account Creating Reward Terms and Conditions

  1. This campaign can be combined with other promotions.
  2. Completing tasks automatically adds bonuses to MT4 accounts, usable for trading; all tasks must be completed during the campaign for bonuses to be withdrawable.
  3. Applicable only to GOLDpro&SILVERpro Pro (min 0.01 lot).
  4. Withdrawal subject to actual balance if account balance drops below $8 after trading 1 lot.
  5. Only closed positions during the campaign period count as valid.
  6. Early withdrawal leads to bonus deduction and campaign termination.
  7. If volume requirements aren’t met by campaign end, bonus deducted; clients assume trading risk and ensure sufficient margin.
  8. Negative balance before meeting volume requirements ends campaign, resetting balance to 0 without open positions.
  9. Existing clients reopening accounts during the campaign aren’t eligible; multiple registrations from the same IP address may disqualify clients.
  10. Company reserves right to suspend trading and reverse bonus if client breaches campaign conditions.
  11. Company can alter, suspend, or terminate the campaign at its discretion without prior notice.
The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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