Get a 50 Percent Forex New Deposit Bonus
Promotion Details

Get ready to supercharge your forex trading with OctaFX’s latest offer – a generous 50% deposit bonus! Boost your trading capital and take advantage of this limited-time promotion. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your profits and trade with confidence. Join OctaFX today and enjoy the benefits of this exclusive bonus.

Direct Promotion Link: 50% Forex Deposit Bonus Offer

What are the new deposit bonus details of OctaFX

OctaFX introduces an exhilarating promotion, offering you a 50% deposit bonus on each of your deposits. Alongside this, you’ll have the chance to increase your margin availability and experience an automated payout system. Moreover, harness the capabilities of both MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4 for smooth and effective trading. Furthermore, you can accumulate profits through trading and withdraw them once you’ve fulfilled the required trading volume criteria. Seize this opportunity to secure the bonus and brighten your financial prospects.

Features of the Deposit Bonus:

  • A 50% forex bonus
  • Bonuses applicable to all your deposits
  • Access to MetaTrader 5
  • Utilization of MetaTrader 4
  • Open to all traders
  • Available indefinitely

How to join the bonus

  1. Begin by creating an account with the broker.
  2. Verify your trading account.
  3. Initiate trading by making the necessary deposit.
  4. Accumulate profits and meet the trading volume prerequisites to withdraw both your bonus and earnings.
  5. Terms and Conditions for OctaFX’s Forex Deposit Bonus

OctaFX Forex Deposit Bonus Rules

  • Special time-limited events can offer a deposit bonus of up to 100%.
  • Bonuses cannot be combined with internal transfers or deposits stemming from contests or promotions, unless explicitly specified.
  • To claim a new bonus, ensure that the total of your bonus and existing bonus funds is less than your account’s available margin.
  • Claim your bonus immediately following your deposit into your trading account.
  • Bonuses remain locked until volume requirements are satisfied. Afterward, they are deducted from your MT4 and MT5 credits and added to your balance on a daily basis.
  • Each deposit bonus is treated as an independent entity.
  • Trade 2 standard lots to become eligible to withdraw a bonus.
  • Volume calculations commence with the first bonus and must be completed sequentially.
  • If a bonus is withdrawn or canceled, it cannot be reinstated or reimbursed, even if the required trading volume has been reached.
  • Should your account’s equity equal or fall below the bonus amount, the bonus will be voided.
  • If your personal funds drop to or below the bonus amount during a withdrawal or internal transfer, the bonuses will be canceled, starting with the most recent one, until your personal funds exceed the total bonus amount.
  • If you withdraw your own funds after claiming the bonus, the bonus will be canceled.
  • You have the option to cancel the deposit bonus at any time, but reinstatement is not possible.
  • OctaFX reserves the right to reject or terminate bonuses without prior notice or explanation.
  • OctaFX retains the authority to modify, update, or terminate this promotion, with prior notification.
The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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