CA Markets Offers
Promotion Details

CA Markets is now providing a 20% Forex Credit Bonus promotion. Discover all the details of this deal and how it can improve your forex trading experience.

A 20% Forex Credit Bonus promotion can be found here

CA Markets offers the ability to trade a variety of instruments through a single account.

  • Commodity-based investments
  • Digital currencies
  • Foreign exchange
  • Precious metals
  • Market indexes
  • Farm produce

Discover how to benefit from a 20% Forex Credit Bonus Promotion with CA Markets! Increase your trading power and have an improved trading experience with this exclusive bonus. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – find out more and get your bonus now!

CA Markets Offers an Assortment of Unique and Exclusive Liquidity Sources

  • Zero Pips Spacing
  • Lightning-Quick Execution
  • Low Latency with Equinix Server Host
  • Powered by OneZero Finance Technology

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CA Markets Offers Terms and Conditions for Promotional Credit Bonus

This promotion related to a Forex Deposit Bonus is exclusively accessible to those customers in places where it is allowed by the relevant law and regulations. People who pay money with a credit card are disqualified from taking part in this promotion.

Those taking part in this promotion accept that they have read and consented to the CA Markets Product Disclosure Statement, Client Agreement, the conditions of the promotion, and other legal documents, as well as comprehending the risks associated with trading Contracts for Difference ( CFDs ).

If a customer deposits at least $5000 USD, they can qualify for a 20% credit reward that will be added to their trading account. This bonus may only be used for margin trading with CA Markets and is unable to be transferred, withdrawn, or transferred to other accounts.

Upon reaching 40% of standard lots in trading volume, the credit bonus that was credited to the account will be converted to the account balance and can be withdrawn by the client. As an example, if a client deposits $10,000 USD and is eligible for a $2,000 USD credit bonus, 800 closed standard lots will trigger the conversion of the credit bonus to the account balance which can then be withdrawn at any time. For the complete terms and conditions, please visit the CA Markets Broker Website

Take advantage of the limited-time offer of a 20% Forex Trading Credit Bonus from CA Markets! Improve your trading experience and increase your account balance with this great promotion – don’t let it pass you by!

CA Markets Offers a 20% Credit Bonus Forex for trading

The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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