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Camarkets Offers a Forex $888 Trading Shield New Rebate Bonus for all traders to trade and make profits and withdraw them. So, start your trading now.

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What is the Forex Rebate Bonus of Camarkets of $888

CA Markets introduces the Trading Shield Promotion, prioritizing risk management to enhance clients trading experience with added security. During the promotion period, clients depositing funds will receive a powerful Trading Shield, acting as a safety net to offset the loss of one trading order. To participate, clients need to deposit over $1000 USD and can apply for the Trading Shield via email after the deposit. The shield can be used once with a compensation limit, covering the loss of a selected trading order (excluding fees). Each client is eligible only once, and the Trading Shield becomes invalid after use. Unused shields expire after the promotion period, and CA Markets reserves the right to cancel eligibility for abnormal trading behavior. Clients must acknowledge and comply with CA Markets legal documents.

Key Points of the New Rebate Bonus

  • Up to $888 Rebate Bonus
  • Bonus applied on your 1st 5 trads
  • Flexible Trading Platform
  • Profits are withdrawable
  • Several Paymet Methods Available

How to acquire the Forex Rebate Bonus

Forex Trading Rebate Bonus Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion available only in permitted countries; no credit card deposits eligible.
  2. Participation implies acknowledgment and agreement to CA Markets’ legal documents and understanding of CFD trading risks.
  3. Deposits over $1000 USD get Trading Shield to offset one trading order, single use with compensation limit.
  4. Apply for Trading Shield via email after deposit; use on one of the first five trading orders (excluding fees).
  5. Send selected order number to [email protected] for claim; processed in 2 business days.
  6. Compensation covers order loss below Trading Shield’s limit; exceeds limit, capped at maximum.
  7. No Trading Shield applications processed after trading period expired
  8. CA Markets prohibits hedging arbitrage trading; abnormal behavior cancels eligibility and disables Trading Shield.
  9. CA Markets can modify terms; clients notified; continued use indicates acceptance of modifications.

Camarkets New Forex Trading Rebate Bonus with $888 Credit

The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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