CryptoCurrency Super Contest SuperForex
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Cryptocurrency Promotion of $1000 also Called Cryptomania that is outlined by the SuperForex broker for their all traders to trade and win without deposit.

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What is the Overview of the Crypto Contest of SuperForex

Join the SuperForex CryptoMania contest and show off your trading skills for a chance to win cool prizes! This contest is all about trading cryptocurrencies. You’ll get to practice trading without using real money in a fast-paced setting. When you sign up, you’ll get a free demo account with $2000 of SuperForex fake money. You’ll have a whole month to trade different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. During the contest, you can win $100 bonus money for your real trading account in each round. Plus, the trader who makes the most profit by the end of the year will be named the Super Winner and get a big $1000 bonus prize.

Facilities of the Cryptocurrency Bonus

  • $100 Trading Incentive
  • $1000 Grand Prize
  • Adaptable Trading Platform
  • Qualified to Trade Cryptocurrencies
  • Safe Real Money Trading
  • Simple Registration Procedure

How to achieve the Forex CryptoMania Contest

CryptoCurrency Super Contest Temrs

  1. The Company hosts the competition to boost trading engagement, facilitate learning opportunities, and distribute prizes.
  2. Round: A monthly trading period where participants utilize predetermined instruments. The victor is the trader with the highest trading outcome.
  3. Super-Round: Aggregated from results across all rounds within a year. The champion achieves the highest trading outcome spanning from January to December.
  4. Clients must enroll in the contest to access a specialized trading account featuring virtual funds.
  5. Each client can possess up to 3 accounts per contest.
  6. Winners earn a $100 bonus for each round and $1000 for the Super-Round.
  7. Each round offers $2000 in virtual funds, non-withdrawable.
  8. Clients retain the option to opt out of participation or decline prizes at any stage.
  9. They can employ any trading strategy and trade any accessible cryptocurrencies.
  10. May request favorable reviews or interviews from winners.
  11. Commits to notifying winners and furnishing prizes upon request.
  12. Reserves the right to modify contest terms without prior notification.
  13. Reserves the right to suspend or disqualify participants for misuse or reputation detriment.
  14. Not liable for repercussions stemming from external factors such as decisions made by liquidity providers or compelled deal closures.
The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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