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Gather your friends, family members, and coworkers for this Festive Guess and Win Contest! The HFM broker is offering . You can win 1000 dollar just by guessing the keyword correctly– but it’s not as easy-peasy as that sounds because there are 5 different winners who will receive their own respective amounts of money (1000$), so don’t think you’re going home empty handed if somebody else answers the first time around. So use the link and win the contest.

Connected Bonus Link:

Connected Bonus Link:

Obtainable for: All Traders

Durable for: Limited Time

How to win the bonus of the HFM 5000 USD Contest?
* Update your HFM apps or download it from the Play store or Apple store
* Guess the right keywords or Instagram stories
* Complete the steps of the process of Secret Phrase Correctly and win the contest

Forex trading contests are competitions held by HFM Forex brokers in order to collaborate with new traders. Usually, these contests last for a short period of time and only require a small initial deposit. However, the prizes on offer can be very attractive, with the winner often receiving a large cash prize or even a luxurious vacation. Forex contests are a great way for all traders to get started in the Forex market, as they provide an opportunity to test your skills, so test it now. However, it is important to remember that Forex trading is a suitable activity, and even new traders can rise money in the  Forex markets.

The General Terms & Conditions of the bonus has implemented by the broker, so you need to read & understand*

The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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