Forex Trading Deposit Bonus
Promotion Details

Forex Trading Deposit Bonus is a promotion of Uniglobe markets where you are getting a 100% Credit on your deposited amount that you can use to make gains.

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What is the Overview of the Forex 100% deposit bonus by Uniglobe

Uniglobe Markets introduces a deposit promotion accessible to traders across the board, facilitating the opportunity to partake in trading endeavors and subsequently withdraw earnings upon fulfilling predetermined trading volume prerequisites. Traders are encouraged to experiment with fresh tactics and approaches to augment their prospects of attaining supplementary bonuses. Furthermore, participants are granted the freedom to optimize leverage up to a ratio of 1:200, with the apex bonus threshold capped at $5000 per account. Initiate your trading voyage expeditiously to capitalize on this prospect and chart a course toward triumph in your trading pursuits.

Facilities of the Forex new Trading Bonus

  • 100% Trade Boost Offer
  • Adaptable Trading Platform
  • 1:200 Trade Leverage
  • Withdrawable Profits
  • Reliable Payment System

How to Acquire the Forex New Deposit Bonus

  • Establish an account with the Uniglobe broker
  • Initiate a minimum deposit of 100 USD
  • Qualify for a bonus amounting to a maximum of 5000 USD
  • Begin trading endeavors to generate profits
  • Upon meeting the required lot volume, proceed with withdrawals

Welcome Forex Deposit Bonus Terms

  1. Full 100% Credit Incentive accessible for 60 days subsequent to deposit initiation
  2. $2 refund granted for each standard lot traded, credited on a monthly basis on the 5th day
  3. Minimum deposit requirement: $100
  4. Maximum permissible leverage: 1:200
  5. Highest bonus limit per account: $5000
  6. Participation in cash rebate program not applicable to trading indices
  7. Offer extended to both current and new clientele depositing or redepositing into live accounts
  8. Limited to one account per client per IP address
  9. Cash-back applied upon trade closure; active positions with credited bonuses are not subject to this
  10. Positions held for less than three minutes are not eligible for cash-back
  11. Withdrawal may lead to forfeiture of credited bonus
  12. Inter-account transfers between MT4 and MT5 accounts are prohibited within this offer
  13. Offer cannot be stacked with other bonuses or rebate schemes
  14. Clients already benefiting from existing bonus initiatives are ineligible for this particular promotion
  15. Uniglobe Markets reserves the authority to decline, retain, or terminate the offer in cases of abusive conduct
  16. Abusive behavior includes extracting credit or profits devoid of economic risk exposure, and hedging positions either internally or externally
  17. Uniglobe Markets disavows responsibility for adverse effects if the offer amount is removed while positions are still active
  18. Clients must recognize the associated risks; potential losses may surpass deposits
  19. Uniglobe Markets retains the prerogative to adjust, amend, or conclude the offer without prior notice
  20. English version prevails in instances of disparities in translated versions
The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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