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Every month, the ForexChief broker displays a Gold Whale trading contest for all of its traders. Traders will win 5 standard prizes totaling $5000 USD in the event, with a total of 20 winners. So, utilize the URL provided below to enter the contest immediately.

Direct Promotion Link: Gold Whale Contest and $100 No Deposit Bonus

Why should you participate in the Gold Whale Contest?

Based on my study, I discovered that the Gold Whale Contest offers you the possibility to win a total of $5000 USD in prizes. There are five different categories of awards ranging from $100 USD to $1000 USD. Furthermore, you are instructed to open a live account and use the MT4.DirectFX or MT4.Classic+ account type, which must be brand new with no history. Furthermore, the winners are those participants who have the largest returns and earnings. However, the award money can be withdrawn without restriction. So, take a close look at the other amenities.

The Contest’s Facilities

  • The first place is worth $1,000 USD.
  • Second place = $750 USD
  • Third place = 500 USD,
  • fourth to tenth place = 250 USD,
  • Eleventh to twentieth place = 100 USD.
  • All new traders are welcome to participate.
  • For a Limited Time Only

How can I enter the Contest?

  1. Open a Live Account with ForexChief.
  2. Use the account types MT4.DirectFX or MT4.Classic+.
  3. Make a $100 USD deposit.
  4. Begin trading and work your way up to trading lots.
  5. Win rewards by achieving the greatest possible return.
  6. Complete the criteria to withdraw the winnings.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The campaign will run for one month and will be repeated every month.
  2. Traders must establish a Live Account and select either the MT4.DirectFX or MT4.Classic+ account type.
  3. The account must have no trading history and no active trading credits.
  4. To participate in the contest, it must make a deposit of at least $100.
  5. When trading in the contest, use only one account; if you violate the rules, you will be disqualified.
  6. Any Strategy and Robot may trade on any accessible instrument.
  7. The winners have the greatest Return, while net gains represent unrealized earnings and losses.
  8. Sum Deposit denotes the total amount of deposits made throughout the contest time.
  9. Twenty winners will get rewards ranging from $100 to $1,000 USD.
  10. Traders must complete at least 10 transactions.
  11. There is no authorization to trade with other accounts.
  12. If traders misuse the system, the broker has the power to reject them without offering a reason.

From my perspective:

It is a great contest in which you may trade and earn earnings as well as rewards to make your future trading more luxurious. At the same time, you may put your trading talents to the test and expand your expertise in order to compete in many future trading challenges. So, embrace the change and achieve success in the market.

The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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