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It is a Forex Rescue Bonus and stayed in the Deposit Bonus category which is called a 25% Rescue Bonus. The bonus is demonstrated for those traders who trade on the Moneta Markets and have the risk of losing their funds and already lost 75% or greater of their deposited $1000 or more then it can be applied to them to get back from the risk. Here you can also make deposits as you want after getting back to the safe zone and continuing your trading and making profits. Do not worry, the 25% rescue bonus would be the best solution in your tough time. Additionally, you can watch their added 100+ video tutorial to learn to trade and how to make yourself successful in the trading industry. Also can research the market and get all the news and Free Forex VPS also to have the best experience. So, if you are interested to achieve it then grab it now by clicking on the link below.

Connected Bonus Link: 100% Free Trading Signals

Connected Bonus Link: 25% Forex Rescue Bonus

Available for: All Traders

Durable for: Unlimited Time

  • Open a forex trading live account & begin your trading
  • Invest the required deposit
  • Start trading & access 1000+ Instruments from mentioned all asset classes
  • Generate profits & withdraw them by touching the withdrawal conditions

The Moneta Markets mentioned their general Terms & Conditions which you need to know well to get the bonus soon*

The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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