Get a Massive 55% Bonus on Every Deposit with Instaforex
Promotion Details

Boost your trading potential with InstaForex! Get a 55% bonus on each deposit, giving you more funds to trade and increase your profits. Take advantage of this exclusive offer and start maximizing your earnings in the forex market today. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – join InstaForex now!

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What is the InstaForex Deposit Bonus?

This Deposit Bonus offers an exceptional chance for all traders aspiring to embark on their trading expedition with a renowned broker, enjoying a 55% bonus. Each deposit made to the broker will attract a bonus. Moreover, no verification procedure is obligatory, granting you the opportunity to utilize a maximum leverage of 1:200. Nevertheless, gaining access to the bonus mandates the completion of the registration process with a replenished trading account. Submit a bonus application, and the bonus will seamlessly reflect in your trading account. Seize this opportunity to enhance your lifestyle, achieve triumph, and attain a state of ease.

Bonus Benefits:

  • 55% Bonus on Trades
  • No Verification Needed
  • 1:200 Maximum Leverage
  • Withdrawal Requirement: X*6 InstaForex lots (X = total bonus amount)
  • Available for all new deposits
  • Applicable to both new and existing account holders

Participation Process:

  1. Sign up with the broker
  2. Fund your account
  3. Opt-in for the bonus
  4. Collect the bonus to start trading
  5. Generate profits and meet lot volume
  6. Withdraw both bonus and profits

Terms & Conditions:

  • InstaForex traders enjoy a 55% boost on deposited capital, credited within the promotion’s timeframe, distributed within a week following the deposit. This additional amount is linked to available account resources at the time of application.
  • Another bonus is excluded if an account already possesses a different bonus. To secure it, establish a new account and agree to the specified conditions. Maintaining multiple accounts with the bonus is acceptable.
  • A bonus is allocated for each deposit and calculated according to the disparity between deposits and withdrawals.
  • Excessive withdrawals result in the annulment of bonuses exceeding 55% of the available margin. This is based on the withdrawn sum. Prevent bonus forfeiture by refraining from excessive withdrawals.
  • While identity verification isn’t obligatory, the Company may request it at its discretion.
  • Withdraw the 55% bonus once the trading volume reaches X*6 InstaForex lots. The entire bonus can be withdrawn, except during a Stop Out situation.
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate the bonus at any point. It’s advisable not to rely solely on it for trading strategies. The Company is not responsible for any consequences arising from bonus cancellations.
  • Profits generated from the bonus can be withdrawn upon fulfilling the stipulated conditions, with the exception of Clause 9.
  • The Company holds the authority to revoke bonuses and associated profits due to misuse or an extreme profit-to-deposit scenario.
  • Elevated bonus sums paired with small trades might lead to reductions.
  • The distribution of profits between actual funds and bonus funds is at the discretion of the Company. Some of the profit linked to bonuses might carry withdrawal restrictions.
  • If the equity falls below the bonus funds, all funds are treated as bonuses, and deposits are allocated proportionally.
  • Campaign terms are subject to alteration without prior notice.
  • The bonus is tailored for Forex trading and isn’t applicable to cryptocurrency or share CFD trading.
The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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