5000 Yen or $50 No Deposit Account Opening Bonus from FX Fair
Promotion Details

Unlock a generous 5000 Yen or $50 No Deposit account opening bonus when you sign up with FX Fair. Start trading without risking your own funds and experience the excitement of the forex market. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer – join FX Fair today!

Direct Promotional Link: $50 or 5000 Yen No Deposit Bonus

What is the $50 Account Opening Bonus of Fx Fairs?

The Fx Fairs promotion offers a $50 Account Opening Bonus, equivalent to 5000 Yen, for all customers who open a new standard account during the campaign period starting from 25 July 2023 onwards. Upon successful registration, the 5000 Yen bonus will be automatically reflected in the account. No ID verification is required; however, accounts belonging to existing users will not be eligible for the bonus. Make sure to open a new standard account within the specified duration to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

Advantages of the bonus:

  • $50 or 500 Yen Bonus
  • Verification is not required
  • Profits are withdrawable
  • Fater trading platform
  • Eligible for all new traders
  • Displayed for unlimited time

How to get the No Deposit Bonus?

Terms & Conditions of the trading bonus:

  1. Only standard accounts are eligible; zero spread and professional accounts are not eligible.
  2. Bonuses are given for deposits during the campaign period, and they will be credited to the credit column.
  3. No identity verification is required for receiving bonuses, but it’s needed for withdrawals.
  4. The bonus is given only once during the campaign period.
  5. If there are no transactions, deposits, or bonuses for 30 days, all bonuses will automatically disappear.
  6. The given bonus cannot be withdrawn but can be used for trading even after the campaign ends.
  7. Deposits made after the campaign ends won’t be eligible for the bonus.
  8. Bonus trading lots won’t be reflected in the IB reward; the reward is calculated based on the normal margin ratio.
  9. Withdrawals during the campaign period will void eligibility for future bonuses.
  10. All bonuses will be lost upon withdrawal or fund transfer.
  11. Using multiple accounts or the same device/network may result in account freezing or ineligibility for bonuses.
  12. Any actions damaging the company during bonus trading may lead to appropriate measures.
  13. Accounts causing damage in the past are not eligible for this bonus campaign.
  14. Eligibility questions about the campaign cannot be answered.
  15. The campaign may end without prior notice.
The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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