Get a NordFX $100,000 Mega Super Lottery
Promotion Details

Here is the Mega Super Lottery of $100000 which is illustrated by the NordFX broker for all traders. The bonus is a live contest that requires people a minimum of $200 deposit to participate in the promotion to win many prizes with 3 super prizes of $5000. So, take the golden advantage and get the bonus now by clicking on the added link below.

Direct Promotion Link: $100,000 Forex Super Lottery

What makes the bonus so special to all clients?

After considering my research, I have discovered that the promotion is a golden opportunity to boost your trading career by making a $200 deposit and following a few steps with reaching the 2 standard lot volume. The bonus is conducted in 3 draws that will be held in 3 different days, there are offering many prizes including 3 super prizes that will be distributed to 3 special winners which amount is $5000. After winning the prizes you can utilize them to trade or can withdraw without any restrictions.

Advantages of the Contest:

July 5, 2023
* 40 prizes of $250
* 20 prizes of $500
* 5 prizes of $1,000

October 5, 2023
* 40 prizes of $250
* 20 prizes of $500
* 5 prizes of $1,000

January 5, 2024
* 60 prizes of $250
* 2 prizes of $1000
* 10 prizes of $1,800
* 3 Super Prizes of $5,000

How to achieve the Forex Contest?

  1. Register an account on the NordFX broker
  2. Complete the process of verification
  3. Deposit your account with $200 USD and get tickets
  4. Begin your forex trading and keep continuing until the draws
  5. Win contest prizes and withdraw them or use them to trade

Terms & Conditions of the Live Contest:

Every promotion has Terms & Conditions which display the procedure of the promotion to the clients or broker. Here also the NordFX broker has outlined their new Terms & Conditions that are mentioned to understand well to get the best performance on the trading journey.

From my point of view:

From my point of view, I can say that the contest is an outstanding chance to win luxurious prizes including 3 super prizes that are withdrawable. In addition, you can test your trading skills and make your future trading highly recognized well demonstrated. So, take the pathway and make your future brighter.

The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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