Win an MT4 Champion Demo Contest with up to 500 USD Prize
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What is detailing the Forex Demo Contest

Participate in this Demo Contest without any deposit to kickstart your trading journey and have a chance to win prizes. The first-place winner receives 500 USD, the 2nd gets 300 USD, and the 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions are rewarded with 100, 60, and 40 USD respectively. The broker offers an MT4 platform for efficient trading, and the highest leaderboard is displayed on their website. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your future success through this promotion.

Contest Connecting Link Forex MT4 Demo Contest of Octa

How to join the Forex Demo Contest

  • Octa login or Sign up
  • Create a new Champion contest account
  • Download MT4 or use the browser version
  • Wait for announcement via MT4
  • Achieve the highest balance to win

Contest Rules by Octa

  • OctaFX Champion by Octa Markets Inc.
  • Registration is open to all, and announced before start.
  • Eligibility: participants must be of legal age.
  • Demo accounts: register new for each round.
  • Real data: provide accurate info.
  • Disqualification for fake data, IP match, arbitrage.
  • Weekend trading: cryptocurrency orders allowed.
  • All techniques or EAs allowed.
  • Contest stats are available on Octa website.
  • Open orders auto-close at market rate on finish date.
  • Winner determined by highest balance.
  • Winners’ names on social media.
  • Winners answer interview questions on Octa site.
The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

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